Vitaly Sharovatov's website

Hi, I'm 30 y.o. web-developer and I specialise in client-side, web apps architecture and performance.

I started working in client-side development area back in 1999, had all the fun supporting IE5.01/Opera 7 (was even testing stuff in Mozilla) in commercial projects with semantic markup, proper CSS and unobtrusive js (and ajax, of course) much before jQuery or other nice tools appeared, so really had the wonderful time of discovering all the browsers incompatibilities and quirks. As of 2003, I also started designing web apps achitecture with proper perfomance in mind, studied HTTP/1.0 and 1.1 spec (which I love and am still amazed by), learnt DB theory and practiced in Mysql/MSSQL.

From October 2006 till October 2012 I worked in the UK-based visa company RealRussia Limited, started as a web-developer and grew into an IT Team Leader there.

From October 2012 I work in Mail.Ru as a front-end web-developer.

Since November 2008 I live in Moscow.

My hobbies are: boxing, philosophy, gym.